Thursday, November 29, 2007

Manzieri goes Live on Shipwreck!

Dear Fans,

We are flattered to report that a post about the Cussler Art by Maurizio Manzieri has appeared today on Live from the Dive, the official Blog published by Shipwreck Central, the companion site to the documentary series The Sea Hunters with Host Clive Cussler.


Shipwreck Central is the definitive website for shipwreck enthusiasts, containing the most extensive shipwreck video collection available on the web. It's the place to make contact with shipwreck enthusiasts from every country of the world and for gathering any kind of information about world’s shipwrecks.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cover Art Rights Extended!

While the new Limited Edition Prints are already lifting off towards all the ends of the world, and I come to discover that Cussler Collectors quite cover all the continents, I'm pleased to inform you that THE CHASE cover art rights have been extended to Thorndike for Large Print Press and Booksontape - a division of Random House - for audiobooks on tapes and CDs!





Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Chase - The Limited Edition Prints!!!



THE CHASE novel will be on sale on November 6th! I've just received the following note from the Penguin Art Department:

" Maurizio, we will send finish  printed samples of THE CHASE soon. They just came in. Looks terrific."

As you can imagine, I look forward to my copy of the book, yet at the moment we have to compensate our thirst only with the artistic output. My Studio is practically ready to ship the brand-new production and the quickest Collectors will be able to grab one copy well before the volume hits the shops.

Take a glance at the revamped Cussler Store! It keeps slowly expanding while my collaborations go on! If you click on the images, you will be teleported straight away to the Prints page. Message to the buyers: please free to inquire about anything, from the packaging to the methods of shipments even though I'm pleased to assure you that each one of the Deluxe Prints will reach your door safe and sound!


(click on the below images if you wish to be teleported to the Store) 

THE CHASE_Version 1

The Chase Version #1

Price: EURO 45,00


THE CHASE_Version 2

The Chase Version #2

Price: EURO 45,00


Each print comes numbered and hand signed on high quality Archival Matte Paper. Thanks to the special Ultrachrome pigment inks - water and smudge resistant -,each illustration delivers superb color expression and long lasting light fastness up to 75 years.The Artworks are shipped worldwide by Prioritaire Registered Post.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

THE CHASE by Cussler - The Cover unveiled!

Yes, this is THE CHASE cover! Before someone gets a deja-vĂ¹ feeling, I've to say immediately that Clive Cussler fell in love with my Italian cover for NIGHT PROBE right from the beginning, and that's all, eh eh... The Art Director at PUTNAM was incredible, we tried together several different concepts some of them really captivating and all of them different... but Clive's voice insisted with this one unanimously defined as 'a striking' cover...

Well, the cover is official now - I received the confirmation on Monday - and comes forwarded all over the world just while you are reading this text. At this point it's impossible to rethink about alternative choices, in fact if you search for THE CHASE inside Amazon, you'll find already this cover.

Sooo...what about the differences between the twin versions of my famous sinking steam engines? The brilliant underwater colors are the same, but the locomotive has changed, morphing from the Manhattan Limited (Night Probe) to a Pacific Type Locomotive (1905) - see the reference model in the Catskill Archive. The background has been a bit enlarged too, as the dust jacket need more inches of oceanic depth...

For the sake of history, I've inserted in the post one of the possible applicants which in a near future could see the light as a print, or be included in a Portfolio about my Art. What do you think about the other version? ...hmmm... By the way...the Prints!!!... the production of Limited Edition Prints from THE CHASE repertory should begin at the end of summer. Stay tuned to this Blog and tell your friends to subscribe to our adventurous mailing list! :-)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cover Art for THE CHASE (Fall 2007)!

It's official! I'll be the artist for the next adventure by Clive Cussler due out Fall 2007. Penguin bought the rights for the hardcover (Putnam) as well as the paperback (Berkley) edition!!!

What about the cover? There's some mystery surrounding this artwork and at the moment I can only say that I've already delivered the final version... so it's a matter of time before the jacket comes revealed...
I'll be naturally soon back with more details. Meanwhile here are some news about the upcoming novel:

The Chase by Clive Cussler

A turn of the century adventure novel about a ruthless bank robber, who leaves no one alive behind robbing bank after bank by non intrusively first blending into a town, then fading away unnoticed, therefore not missed by a soul. Justice is pursued by Isaac Bell, a charismatic detective, wealthy enough to spend his days in leisure, but too young for inactivity, whose vocation in life is catching criminals who think their wits give them license to break the law and get away with it. Cussler is in his best form and setting aside Dirk Pitt, does not seem a setback at all. Those with a taste for fast cars will not be disappointed as Clive masterfully shifts to locomotives’ chase. Step by step he tantalizes the reader to an unexpected conclusion

Friday, February 16, 2007

Night Probe: the Limited Edition Print!!!

50 exemplars 13"x19" worldwide secure shipment
please check the store for price and availability!

Grab your copy now! More than half the stock is already sold! I was really impressed by the passion of the fans. I've not yet advertised this release, nonetheless copies of this unforgettable production are already in the houses of many collectors from England to Australia!

The quality of the output is excellent as ever. Be advised that if you wish to hold one copy for your collection, please contact me immediately through my website for price and shipment details, or go straight to the Store.

Here's the full illustration and the cover of the Italian edition where Night Probe (Salto nel Buio) was originally published.